About Us

Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya, home to hundreds of thousands of people. Most people live in extreme levels of poverty and cannot afford to keep their children in education. Without education most of Kibera’s children will struggle to find employment and will often roam the streets.

Kibera Slum


Kickstart Kibera is a registered charity providing children in Kibera with the education they need to help them lift themselves out of poverty. The charity’s founder started going to Kibera in 2011 to teach. She was saddened by how difficult it was for the many of the children’s families to afford school fees. She has returned once or twice a year ever since and gradually begun to sponsor children from Kibera to go to school. It started with one child and has increased to seven. There is currently one child in primary school and six children in secondary school.

As Kickstart Kibera expanded we realised that we would need to reach out to others in order to help more children. More funding is also needed to allow the current children to be sponsored through the rest of their education as fees become increasingly expensive as children progress to Secondary School and University. In addition we would like to reach out to more children and help as many as we can and help to turn their lives around. We have a vision that every child born into poverty should have the chance to be educated and to transform their lives.